Last year we completed a website for a Canadian, plant-based cheese company “”. The Frauxmagerie (formerly known as The Georgian Bay Frauxmagerie), is set in the idyllic town of Meaford, Ontario, Canada.

They had compiled a wonderful archive of hi-res photos and professionally shot video banners to utilize on their website. This collateral provided great content to create a visually rich and dynamic website and on-line store. As the owner Catherine is French, and as they have clientele in French speaking parts of Canada, in particular Quebec, Catherine wanted a bi-lingual site. So we created a cover page as a portal through which visitors could either go to the English or French versions of the site. Once there, there is also an English and French main navigation for users to switch in between if so desired.

While we included an on-line store for their products, we also set up their API-keys to embed a Google map showing all of their product resellers across Canada. Like most embedded retail location functionality, users can see if there is a retailer close to them by virtue of entering a postal code and setting the distance limiters. As the list of retailers changes from time-to-time, we set up an Excel template in which they manage their resellers, we then trained in-house staff to upload and update this list every month to ensure it is accurate.

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