We have just completed a website for a new client called: Egg-truth.com . And what a difficult task it was. Not because the site required complex programming and endless lines of code. No. But because of the content.

This is a website designed to educate consumers and the public about the true nature of industrial egg production. At first we thought it would be fairly straightforward, but as the content started to come in we quickly realized that we needed to focus on the task at hand and persevere.

Why? Well . . . because some of the images and video contained in the website are not pleasant to look at unfortunately. It involves explaining and demonstrating a number of standard industry practices we were simply not aware of. But, I guess that's the purpose of the site - to inform consumers. And boy were we informed!

Nonetheless, we are very proud of the site, it's purpose, content, design and functionality. The site is connected to several social media accounts to conduct push notifications. Video on the indexed homepage can be viewed in HD. We set up a Mail Chimp account to capture e-mail addresses. There are two additional pages currently under construction - "Health" and the "Environment".

We have also been retained for designing memes for both their Facebook and Twitter accounts on an on-going bassis, designing and managing e-mail blasts and schedule social media posts through both their blog page and their Hootsuite account.

If you need a website designed along with social media accounts and on-going content management, give us a call at 416-910-6122 or reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

The Team at First Impression Graphics