First Impression Graphics was hired to design full-page, full-colour ads for a multitude of English and French language trade magazines for farming and agri-business across Canada.

English ad.

Over the course of the last several years, the media have reported on a raft of barn fires that has claimed millions of dollars in property damage. But most importantly, these fires have claimed the lives of tens-of-thousands of animals in the most unimaginable and horrific circumstances.

French ad.

The Canadian Coalition for Farmed Animals sought to create awareness around this problem and to set up a website to help instruct farmers on some basic preventative measures. To generate traffic to the website, CCFA hired us to design these ads using QR codes to help direct largely traffic from mobile devices.

These ads were based on the flyers we designed and printed in September of 2016 in which the CCFA distributed several thousand of these via the various provincial ministries of agriculture.

The display ads ran from April through June of 2017 in Ontario Hog Farmer, le Bulletin des agriculteurs, Country Guide, and Ontario Dairy Farmer magazines. And according to the CCFA, there was "an increase of approximately 1,200 accesses to the website, with the average session lasting 3.5 minutes", over the several months these issues were in circulation. That may not sound like a lot but, by way of example, there are only 2,800 chicken farms and only 12,000 dairy farms in Canada.

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