We have just completed a website for a real estate listing. The owners desired to have a dedicated website to provide the home with an uncompromising, on-line presence. This even included a logo design. It started with a title or tag-line: "A Country Dream". And from there the URL address and graphic identity was created: www.acountrydream.com

Why not just leave all this to the listing agent? Well . . . they were unsure whether they were going to list privately or with a real estate agent. As this is a rural property north west of Toronto, Canada, they knew it might take some time to sell, thus changing agents from time-to-time might be an unavoidable reality if they chose this route. With a website they own and control, they can at least be assured the home would be marketed consistently and provide a degree of self-reliance for the owners.

Come spring, the owners will be enlisting the help of a friend who owns a drone and will conduct some fly-overs to capture video of the home and the surroundings. Once ready, this will be uploaded to the site - we will do the video edit and accompanying sound track.

If you are are interested in privately listing your home to sell or if you have a real estate agent representing you, a website and a custom URL is an exceedingly affordable way to market your home. Call us at 416-910-6122 for pricing or visit our Contact Us page, fill out the form and click "submit".