Z-fold brochures (English and French versions)

The Canadian Coalition for Farmed Animals came to First Impression Graphics to design an informational brochure on the issue of barn fires.

Since late 2015, there has been a rash of barn fires across Canada that has resulted in thousands-upon-thousands of animals killed either through smoke inhalation or being burned alive. This is a horrific fate that no living being should have to endure.

It has become so alarming that even various government ministries from multiple provinces are exploring ways to educate farmers on how to avoid such devastating events. Unfortunately, there are no laws or by-laws requiring agricultural facilities to equip barns with early detection or sprinkler systems.

The CCFA took it upon themselves to work with the various ministries to distribute a brochure with information and tips on how best to avert fires in the first place, especially as it relates to the harvesting and storing of hay. The one side of the Z-fold brochure is designed to be layed out flat and posted up inside a facility to ensure the preventative measures remain top-of-mind for farmers and their farm-hands.

We very much hope such a brochure, helps to prevent future fires.