We are always very happy to see our web clients reach new heights when it comes to rankings in search engines. After only 2 years, GreatDaneAngels.org ranks higher than another organization who have been around for 25+ years and have had an on-line presence for almost 15 years and operate within the same geographical region. And they are no. 2 overall!

This is a result of proper search engine optimization, registering and indexing web pages of the site with major search engines, frequent content changes and updates, links to the organizations social media pages and careful wording of meta tags and descriptions. As the site is also mobile optimized, this factor contributes to the good returns on search queries as well. Thirty-five percent of all websites in the world are now accessed via mobile or tablet devices. Google and other search engines have adjusted their algorithms to give greater import to those sites that are optimized. The aggregate of these variables, and other elements, all contribute to improved rankings over time.

Great Dane Angels has seen a regular increase in adoption applications relative to the number of available dogs in their system - an enviable position to be in for a non-profit, canine rescue organization. In other words, this is the metric that counts! Engagement is high on both the website and their social media pages as a result.

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