We wish to bring to your attention one of our service offerings: CD, DVD, Blu-ray duplication, replication, printing (offset/silk-screen) and retail packaging.

Despite our migration to all things digital and on-line (i.e. music, movies, photos, video, etc.) there still remains a need, and in some cases a critical need, to use and maintain hard copies. Why? Because digital files can become corrupted, accidentally deleted, hacked, or inaccessible due to hardware failures or crashes.

Thus, law firms, court services, police services, hospitals, medical imaging clinics and more still have a need to securely back-up and maintain records and scanned files that are fundamental to their purpose and function. And in some cases they have a legal obligation to do so. Some may ask, "why not just use USB keys for external back-ups?". Well . . . information on a USB key can be altered, moved or accidentally (or intentionally) altered rendering it as risky. Plus, our professionally printed discs (whether blank medium or replicated with content) have a much lower unit cost than a USB key with comparable memory. Single-write discs are unalterable and it is this that makes them retain their utility.

Plus, musicians, artists, documentary makers and film makers alike still like CD's, DVD's or Blu-rays to sell at events, concerts or screenings. While one can certainly rip music from a disc to your computer to store digitally and sync with your smartphone or tablet, files can still become corrupted or inaccessible as a result of a computer crash or hardware failure. Recovering data can be very expensive. With a CD you always have a copy of that cherished recorded music, live performance or movie. And while cloud computing allows one to sync all your devices and retain all that information when you upgrade hardware, things can still happen. All cloud computing is really is a server somewhere in the world storing all of your information (photo's, video's, music, movies, etc.). You are betting that whomever is providing your cloud services doesn't go out of business or experience a breach of security via a hack.

Alas, while many may still not see the value in disc duplication, for many businesses and institutions it is mission critical. If you would like a quote or discuss this service in greater detail, please visit our Contact Us page, fill out and submit the form. Or, simply call 416-910-6122.

Thanks for reading!