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At FIRST IMPRESSION GRAPHICS, we offer a multitude of printing services including full-colour process and spot-colour offset printing, colour-digital printing and large-format digital imaging.


The Different Printing Methods

Offset-printing is more cost effective for large print runs. It allows you to incorporate Pantone® spot-colours or metallic colours that can't be achieved using CMYK combinations. Offset allows for higher-resolution images to be used for improved creative quality especially when using higher line-screens like 150 lpi. Offset-printing allows for finishes like UV coatings, varnishes, spot-varnishes and aqueous coatings to punch up colours, mitigate finger-prints often visible on darker creative, to repel moisture and stains or to provide an attractive sheen or tactile quality. Standard and custom die-cuts are also a hallmark of offset-printing allowing for unique shapes, trims, flaps and pockets of limitless shapes.

Colour-digital printing is more practical for smaller or medium size print-runs and jobs that require a quicker turn-around. It is also ideal when you anticipate making frequent creative or content changes to printed materials and wish to avoid waste and costly re-prints. Colour-digital is fast and has exceptional quality that allows you to print on a multitude of coated and uncoated stocks.

Large-format digital imaging (or wide-format printing) is for printing on relatively large material that is often displayed in out-of-home settings like outdoor advertising displays, trade-shows or retail environments. Large-format printing provides for extensive use of a variety of materials and substrates whether rigid or flexible. Finishing includes lamination and other protective coatings to repel the elements. Digital i-cutting allows for virtually any creative to be trimmed along any curved or irregular path. Sizes of large-format digital imaging can range from traditional poster sizes to 4' x 6' transit shelter posters to 10' x 20' billboards, 14' x 48' super boards and even larger wall murals for building exteriors. Image quality is high and unit-cost can be very effective.

If you would like to see samples of some of our offset, colour-digital and large-format print work, please visit our Portfolio page

Offset--printing press

Offset--printing press

Our Product List:

Offset Printing:

- business cards, letterhead, business envelopes (window and windowless), large envelopes, sell sheets, flyers, direct ad mail, post cards, calendars, brochures, presentation folders, annual reports, magazines (saddle-stitched and perfect bound), books (soft-cover and hard), standard and custom die-cuts, coated and uncoated on limitless cover and text stocks.

- finishing: UV coating, varnish, spot varnish, aqueous

Colour-digital press

Colour-digital press

Colour-Digital Printing:

- business cards, letterhead, business envelopes, large envelopes, sell sheets, invitations, brochures, presentation folders, newsletters, short-run magazines and books (both soft and hard cover, saddle-stitched and perfect bound), posters, PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, handouts and leave-behinds

Large-Format Printing:

- transit posters (back-lit and front-lit), vertical and horizontal billboards, superboards, window clings, banners, self-adhesive vinyl, floor-graphics, bus kings, dominations, retail displays, point-of-sale displays, vehicle graphics and wraps, tents, flags, back-drops for trade show displays on virtually any stock including Bristol, MXM, polystyrene, foam-core, coroplast, vinyl (9oz, 10oz and 13oz), Sintra, fabric, 3M self-adhesive films and vinyls.

- finishing: custom die-cuts, hemmed and stitched with pockets (vinyl), grommeting, kitting and packaging for shipment right across Canada.

Digital, wide-format printer

Digital, wide-format printer

Note: is there something you need printed but isn't listed above? No worries, call us at 416-910-6122 and ask - we're sure we can accommodate!